Well, it’s a start…

Hi there, internet universe.

Currently in my kitchen on a Sunday afternoon while my son, currently five, watches YouTube videos and cautiously munches on goldfish crackers following a long night in which he projectile vomited a few times…must have eaten something bad. My guess, as his palate is quite limited, is a bad frozen pizza. Ever hear of anyone falling ill at the hands of a frozen cheese pizza?

Starting this page as an outlet to write, throw ideas out there, learn some things and, perhaps most importantly, unwind from a hectic work schedule.

A few random things about me:

  • Live in Chicago, almost 40, divorced (amicably) with a cool kiddo
  • I have an atrocious work/life balance, but I love what I do
  • I needed to figure out how to format a list in HTML…I’m new to all this
  • My favorite drink is either a vodka soda or a cheap domestic beer
  • I’m a saver, so I may ramble on about investing and whatnot
  • If I had a last meal request, it would be chicken tenders

So, not exactly sure what I’ll ramble on about here. At least I’m giving it a shot, right?

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